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Coping mechanism for managing COVID-19 related anxiety

We can all agree that the global pandemic of COVID 19 was not part of our plans for 2020. It caught us off guard and for those who suffer from anxiety it has become an additional trigger. Our lives as we know it is changing daily as the government makes decisions to manage the global crisis. “Everyone must practice social distancing until further notice.” Gone … Continue reading Coping mechanism for managing COVID-19 related anxiety

Taking back control from your 9-5.

Hi readers, I have been silent for a while so it wouldn’t be right to start this post without a life update.

The last 6 months of my life has been quite interesting. I went from working for myself to working for a company. All choices I made deliberately however transitioning into a full time “9-5” has not been easy.

In case you’re curious, I did a masters in Management Consulting and within a few months of graduation I decided to give contracting as an independent consultant a go. This turned out to be an amazing experience.

I was stunned at the level of confidence my client had in me, truth be told when I sent my initial proposal I wasn’t sure what the response would be. It was one of those decisions I had to talk myself into. The fear of rejection was there but I reminded myself of one of my favourite quotes and decided to proceed anyway.

“Do not anticipate failure before you’ve been giving the opportunity to succeed.”

After coming to the conclusion that I was ready and more than equipped for this challenge, I hit send and the rest is history.

In my short time as a contractor I throughly enjoyed being able to manage my own time and having the ownership to make decisions that would benefit my client. The best part was working with a team who made me feel welcome and supported me throughout the project. It is rare for clients to make you feel like almost one of their own. Transition from a placement student to a paid consultant was interesting. In the process I developed a number of transferable skills that has been instrumental in my current role. I may dedicate another blog to explaining the challenges of transitioning from a student to a professional. To be honest I will most likely ask a few trusted professional to contribute their learnings to this as I am relatively a newbie and still transitioning . I’d love to know if this is something you’ll be interested in reading so feel free to leave a comment.

Continue reading “Taking back control from your 9-5.”

Motivation is short-lived, what you really need is self-awareness and discipline.

Dear readers, how is 2019 going for you? The above is not a rhetorical question, I am genuinely interested in how the start of your year has been. Of course, we are all probably experiencing different things but that is what makes life interesting. Have you been able to commit to your new year resolution? or have you come to the realisation that just like … Continue reading Motivation is short-lived, what you really need is self-awareness and discipline.

Social media addiction is real. (Check yourself)

This blog begins with a series of questions typically used to assess individuals level of obsession with social media. Please take a minute to answer them, it’ll give you some insight into whether you potential have an addiction to social media. Do you spend a lot of time thinking about social media or planning to use social media? Do you feel urges to use social media … Continue reading Social media addiction is real. (Check yourself)

Be woke in the process of achieving your career goals!!

After a long day at work, I am usually very exhausted. I literally sit on the edge of my bed for 5 minutes before attempting to offload my things. I think…. “in the grand scheme of things has anything I’ve done today helped in achieving any of my future goals.”  This thought usually results in two very different things, depending on the kind of day that I’ve … Continue reading Be woke in the process of achieving your career goals!!

“Sitting on the fence can only make your ass hurt.”

  Hi readers, how have you been? It feels like I haven’t written in a while, there is absolutely no excuse for my sudden disappearance from the blog. I wish I could blame it on the recent working life but the truth is, there is always enough time for me to pen down my thoughts for you guys, with that said let’s get into this week’s … Continue reading “Sitting on the fence can only make your ass hurt.”

Fake it till you make it ??

  They say fake it till you make it but what happens when you fail to meet up to the standards you’ve portrayed ? When struggling with confidence, a lot of times we are advised to  “just go for it,” or “fake it till you make it,” in hopes that by faking it we would eventually become confident enough to carry out the activity we … Continue reading Fake it till you make it ??

What are you afraid of ??

“Fear cripples you, leaves you distressed and gives you an illusion of helplessness.” TillyJoanAdams  Story Time!!!  I randomly met a lady who told me she had a fear of taking a lift alone. As I left the lift to enter my flat she quickly rushed out and continued her journey on the stairs.  I wondered what she thought would happen to her if she remained in … Continue reading What are you afraid of ??