FEW (Female Entrepreneur Week)

Sorry lads, this post is mainly for my ambitious Women, my strong, independent, female bosses. Lol, I promise I am being serious. A lot of us are go-getters and are constantly looking for ways to make those coins. Whilst starting a business shouldn’t just be about making money, it would be a lie to say that making money is not important… Continue reading FEW (Female Entrepreneur Week)

Be woke in the process of achieving your career goals!!

After a long day at work, I am usually very exhausted. I literally sit on the edge of my bed for 5 minutes before attempting to offload my things. I think…. “in the grand scheme of things has anything I’ve done today helped in achieving any of my future goals.”  This thought usually results in two very different things, depending on the kind of day that I’ve … Continue reading Be woke in the process of achieving your career goals!!

What are you afraid of ??

“Fear cripples you, leaves you distressed and gives you an illusion of helplessness.” TillyJoanAdams  Story Time!!!  I randomly met a lady who told me she had a fear of taking a lift alone. As I left the lift to enter my flat she quickly rushed out and continued her journey on the stairs.  I wondered what she thought would happen to her if she remained in … Continue reading What are you afraid of ??

2016 taught me…

If you are on Facebook, you’ve probably seen “your year in review.” It’s self explanatory really but for those that aren’t on Facebook, its basically a compilation of moments you’ve had in 2016. It’s interesting how towards the end of a year everyone begins to reminisce about the events that had occurred. We begin to see the classic hashtags (#newyearnewme #2016taughtme, #2016hasbeen….). If you look deeply, … Continue reading 2016 taught me…