Headwraps and African jewelry

“Do you really know me, if you don’t know about my love for head wraps?”  Head wraps are my go-to for bad hair days, switching it up days, can’t be arsed days….. I literally have a head wrap for every ocassion. I have also managed to hijack some of my friends’ 🤦🏽‍♀️ Lol you know when you intend on returning something but everytime you wear it … Continue reading Headwraps and African jewelry

(Holiday Lookbook) What do you wear in 37º weather ?  

Some would say “nothing,” although it was really hot, I didn’t fancy prancing around naked. I bought light clothing to help reduce the heat but even with that I still struggled. I love me some mustard coloured clothing so I bought another one 😂😂 You can never go wrong with a bit of flower  in your hair. Unfortunately I cannot recall where I bought this flower … Continue reading (Holiday Lookbook) What do you wear in 37º weather ?