Spring Fashion trends

I love fashion but I find it difficult to write about clothes, I am sometimes tempted to post my pictures and go. I follow some amazing fashion bloggers who give detailed descriptions of the ideas behind their outfits and I admire their ability to deeply describe something I see as quite simple. Unless I am styling someone else or styling for a photoshoot my shopping process is as … Continue reading Spring Fashion trends

Outfit and makeup ideas for Christmas

Ladies do we really need a new outfit this Christmas or is there something in our closet that will do? If you are anything like me, you look for excuses to buy something new…birthdays, dinners, work socials and even church.   I gave myself the challenge to shop wisely this year and to only buy things that could be multi-purpose. This means I should be able … Continue reading Outfit and makeup ideas for Christmas

(Holiday Lookbook) What do you wear in 37º weather ?  

Some would say “nothing,” although it was really hot, I didn’t fancy prancing around naked. I bought light clothing to help reduce the heat but even with that I still struggled. I love me some mustard coloured clothing so I bought another one 😂😂 You can never go wrong with a bit of flower  in your hair. Unfortunately I cannot recall where I bought this flower … Continue reading (Holiday Lookbook) What do you wear in 37º weather ?  

Street style lookbook

There is something about comfortable clothing that sometimes beats getting glammed up. As much as I love going all out for events and getting dressed to the nines, I also love chilling in baggy clothing and trainers. Contrary to the popular believe, that does not make me a chav.  If trainers weren’t so expensive I’d probably own more of them but since I could probably buy two … Continue reading Street style lookbook

You don’t have to be naked to Slay!!(BkChatLdn Episode 9 review)

  This week on Bkchat Ldn the casts discussed whether they should ever have to police what their women wears. I watched it with my husband and brother and it sparked a debate. My husband was trying to @ me lol but I wasn’t having it. I need to vlog these moments for you guys. I am a strong believer that fashion can be a way … Continue reading You don’t have to be naked to Slay!!(BkChatLdn Episode 9 review)