Spring Fashion trends

I love fashion but I find it difficult to write about clothes, I am sometimes tempted to post my pictures and go. I follow some amazing fashion bloggers who give detailed descriptions of the ideas behind their outfits and I admire their ability to deeply describe something I see as quite simple. Unless I am styling someone else or styling for a photoshoot my shopping process is as … Continue reading Spring Fashion trends

Valentine’s day is not a big deal relax !!

I love all forms of genuine declarations of love and truth be told I love presents even more, but none of these things solely happens on valentines day so why all the fuss? Contrary to your presumption, this post is not to condemn the celebration of valentines but to shine a light on why it really isn’t a big deal, why you shouldn’t put pressure on your significant other to do it and why it’s ok to ignore it and spend the day like any other day.

If you have watched my video on the dos and don’t for valentine’s day, you would know that I’ve had my fair share of good and terrible valentines. I recently discovered that my opinion on valentine’s day generally fluctuates depending on one factor which is satisfaction.At this moment, I am satisfied with love, so much so that I can happily ignore the season of love without feeling left out. Truth be told I am not sure how I reached this state of mind but I can only attribute this feeling to being frequently shown love in multiple ways by my Husband. Well done babe you are doing an amazing job, anyway, moving on swiftly because I find talking about myself super awkward. If your partner expresses his/her love for you on a regular basis, is it really fair to demand that they take part in the valentines celebration if it is not something they believe in? If you have no doubts regarding their feelings for you, what does a few chocolate and flowers really do for you? Whilst these things are nice, is it worth having unnecessary arguments with your partner about. I employ you to think about the questions above and come to your own personal conclusions. Whilst I might not believe it’s a subject worth having an argument about, it is ok to think otherwise.

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“Marriage is a happy imprisonment” Discuss 

A quick update before we get into this blog. I am studying at the moment, so my life is pretty much about reading academic journals and attending lengthy lectures which can be very boring. I exaggerate, it’s not all bad and I am learning and gaining some useful skills (just in case, somehow one of my lecturers reads this). After a year out from education, … Continue reading “Marriage is a happy imprisonment” Discuss 

Instagram has become my new creative outlet.

I have been quiet on the blog lately, this is partly due to my new found love for Instagram.  I am currently obsessed with my feed. Occasionally, I summarise my thoughts in a brief sentence. These qoutes can be thought-provoking, insightful or just funny.  It is a lot easier than writing a blog post, there is no pressure. I don’t have to worry about the quality … Continue reading Instagram has become my new creative outlet.

Ladies!! A Giveaway you don’t want to miss.

Giveaways are usually done by influencers to mark milestones reached in the growth of their various platforms. This giveaway isn’t for that. This is not to say that I am not proud of the growth of my blog and channel but, I simply love these products, and wanted to share them with you. I intend on doing bigger and better giveaways as the growth of … Continue reading Ladies!! A Giveaway you don’t want to miss.

We became a tourist attraction in Corfu (Corfu Island Holiday Experience)

I recently went on holiday with my husband to Corfu Island in Greece. We had a blast, It was about 37 degrees so staying hydrated was a must!! like I was actually sweating #TMI. I literally had to drink water every hour. Unlike most tourist on the Island, we decided to find everything ourselves even though there was a tourist bus available from our hotel.   … Continue reading We became a tourist attraction in Corfu (Corfu Island Holiday Experience)

Basic B*tch 

Ever heard of the term ‘Basic Bitch’?  For those that don’t already know, this term is mainly used by females to bring other females down. Being a “Basic Bitch” simply means that you are ordinary and bland. You might as well be an unseasoned chicken. However, at the risk of sounding preachy: calling another female “basic” just to make her feel like she is nothing special … Continue reading Basic B*tch