Taking back control from your 9-5.

Hi readers, I have been silent for a while so it wouldn’t be right to start this post without a life update.

The last 6 months of my life has been quite interesting. I went from working for myself to working for a company. All choices I made deliberately however transitioning into a full time “9-5” has not been easy.

In case you’re curious, I did a masters in Management Consulting and within a few months of graduation I decided to give contracting as an independent consultant a go. This turned out to be an amazing experience.

I was stunned at the level of confidence my client had in me, truth be told when I sent my initial proposal I wasn’t sure what the response would be. It was one of those decisions I had to talk myself into. The fear of rejection was there but I reminded myself of one of my favourite quotes and decided to proceed anyway.

“Do not anticipate failure before you’ve been giving the opportunity to succeed.”

After coming to the conclusion that I was ready and more than equipped for this challenge, I hit send and the rest is history.

In my short time as a contractor I throughly enjoyed being able to manage my own time and having the ownership to make decisions that would benefit my client. The best part was working with a team who made me feel welcome and supported me throughout the project. It is rare for clients to make you feel like almost one of their own. Transition from a placement student to a paid consultant was interesting. In the process I developed a number of transferable skills that has been instrumental in my current role. I may dedicate another blog to explaining the challenges of transitioning from a student to a professional. To be honest I will most likely ask a few trusted professional to contribute their learnings to this as I am relatively a newbie and still transitioning . I’d love to know if this is something you’ll be interested in reading so feel free to leave a comment.

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Just like that another year is gone. #2018was

As we wrap up the year, it’s only natural that we look back at what has been great and try to move on from the bad. Last year I wrote about recovering from a bad year after experiencing an unexpected loss. I am glad this year has been smooth sailing and God has blessed me with more amazing friends and kept my family well.  The majority … Continue reading Just like that another year is gone. #2018was

Take responsibility for your inaction.

Have you ever looked back at some of your past experiences and thought to yourself, who the hell was I  back then? LOL thank God for personal growth and development because I’ve definetly had some not so fine moments. Enough about me, this weeks blog post is inspired by some good old eavesdropping. Photo by Sm_grams I was walking to the student union at my university, when I overheard … Continue reading Take responsibility for your inaction.

Social media addiction is real. (Check yourself)

This blog begins with a series of questions typically used to assess individuals level of obsession with social media. Please take a minute to answer them, it’ll give you some insight into whether you potential have an addiction to social media. Do you spend a lot of time thinking about social media or planning to use social media? Do you feel urges to use social media … Continue reading Social media addiction is real. (Check yourself)

A proper “BLACK” woman

Dang! its been a while, three months to be exact since I released a blog post. To be honest I simply realized that I can’t do it all right now. Call me whatever you want to call me but being a student, a wife, and a blogger is kinda a lot but kudos to those who manage to balance life so effortlessly, you’re the real mvp.


follow.png I decided that my brain needed to focus on academic life alone, i felt like writing was becoming a chore due to the fact that I had to do so much of it for uni. Lol i hope you can forgive my flaky behaviour, I can’t say it won’t happen again because it probably will but to get an update when i do post kindly subscribe to my mailing list.

Now that all is forgiven lets get into this weeks blog post.


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Spring Fashion trends

I love fashion but I find it difficult to write about clothes, I am sometimes tempted to post my pictures and go. I follow some amazing fashion bloggers who give detailed descriptions of the ideas behind their outfits and I admire their ability to deeply describe something I see as quite simple. Unless I am styling someone else or styling for a photoshoot my shopping process is as … Continue reading Spring Fashion trends

Valentine’s day is not a big deal relax !!

I love all forms of genuine declarations of love and truth be told I love presents even more, but none of these things solely happens on valentines day so why all the fuss? Contrary to your presumption, this post is not to condemn the celebration of valentines but to shine a light on why it really isn’t a big deal, why you shouldn’t put pressure on your significant other to do it and why it’s ok to ignore it and spend the day like any other day.

If you have watched my video on the dos and don’t for valentine’s day, you would know that I’ve had my fair share of good and terrible valentines. I recently discovered that my opinion on valentine’s day generally fluctuates depending on one factor which is satisfaction.At this moment, I am satisfied with love, so much so that I can happily ignore the season of love without feeling left out. Truth be told I am not sure how I reached this state of mind but I can only attribute this feeling to being frequently shown love in multiple ways by my Husband. Well done babe you are doing an amazing job, anyway, moving on swiftly because I find talking about myself super awkward. If your partner expresses his/her love for you on a regular basis, is it really fair to demand that they take part in the valentines celebration if it is not something they believe in? If you have no doubts regarding their feelings for you, what does a few chocolate and flowers really do for you? Whilst these things are nice, is it worth having unnecessary arguments with your partner about. I employ you to think about the questions above and come to your own personal conclusions. Whilst I might not believe it’s a subject worth having an argument about, it is ok to think otherwise.

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