How to live consciously.

Death is cruel and whether it takes the young or old it sure leaves a gaping hole. An unexpected loss has the tendency to evoke many emotions and as such, the death of Chadwick Boseman left many in a state of shock. The reports of his impact on others and the resilience exemplified until his death flooded social media, and as a result those who didn’t know his work now know who he was.

Although many of us are aware of the certainty of death, the truth is it isn’t something we like to think or talk about hence the mere knowledge of mortality isn’t a sustainable motivator to get things done. The truth is we don’t wake up everyday thinking what if I die today? And if we did, we would probably be consumed with anxiety rather than the drive we need to pursue our dreams.

The motivation or inspiration derived from the news of a shocking death, which often leads to viral posts on pursing your dreams and spending more time with those that matter to you, is simply not sustainable. It only takes a few weeks before the human mind forgets and goes back to business as usual. Those who are able to live a life of purpose do so as a result of having an ethos that is centred on being intentional about every facet of life. Living consciously can be extremely difficult in a world that is increasingly noisy, however its’ benefits outweighs the difficulty.

How to live consciously

  • Cultivate a culture of reflection.
  • Having a diary is often recommended to support reflection, however I believe it is important to practise the skill of asking questions that result in a great reflection rather than focusing on tools for reflecting. It can be as simple as seeking to understand the true motive behind your actions or behaviours. This can be done by reflecting on what you do, why you do it and how it makes you feel and possibly the impact your actions may have on others. Reflecting can contribute to being aware of your strengths and areas for improvements.
  • Social media literally kills the conscious mind. We consume so much information that seeps into our subconscious which later manifests in many ways i.e through our actions and our thoughts. Many of our desires or what we believe we need can sometimes be an accumulation of what we have seen others say/portray as their needs and wants.
  • To live a life that is tailored to your needs, it is important to be selective with what you consume. Taking frequent breaks from social media allows the mind to re-calibrate and filter out the noise, it therefore paves the way for more of your own organic thoughts.
  • “Nothing is more important than the present.”As hippy as this sounds, to live a more conscious life you need to tune into what is actually happening in the present, although the past and the future and are intertwined. The only state that you can actively change is the present hence it’s important to focus on what you can control.
  • Money is an essential tool, but an obsessive want or drive for financial gain can often cloud your ability to focus on other areas of life. I believe that people are the greatest investment you will ever make and great relationships support your overall well-being.
  • Living consciously requires practise and cannot be achieved overnight, it is a lifestyle that takes years to cultivate.

Interested in Mental Health?

With so much going on in the world it has become more important to be mindful of our mental health.

As mentioned in a previous post, outside of my regular job, I am working with Blessing OyebanjiOlajumoke Morakinyo and a team of amazing individuals who are passionate about changing negative perceptions and attitudes towards mental health in our community.


The World is a Mess!

How to support DONATE TO CHARITIES @Rescue_uk

What they are doing: Launched an Emergency response appeal for Beirut. They are using the money raised to provide immediate cash and economic assistance to displaced families.


What they are doing: After the huge explosion, Red Cross teams are treating thousands of injured people and searching through rubble for survivors.


What they are doing: Looking to provide free mental health care for Lebanese children post trauma. If you are a mental health professional and can volunteer sometime to provide online support please contact them.

How to deal with Activism Fatigue @Afromindz recently posted some useful tips on this.


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