2020 will be the year of ?

And so it begins, the start of a new year, untainted and full of hope and potential. 2020 will be a year of …….

Over the last few days, many have labelled/ professed their desire for the new year in hope that their wishes will come true.

In my usual fashion, I spent New Year Eve at Church giving thanks to God for all that that had occurred in 2019. I enjoy giving thanks as it gives me the opportunity to focus on the good; which is often more difficult than acknowledging all that may have went wrong. Towards the end of the service, the pastor gave a message to prepare us for entering the new year. This sermon was slightly different from the usual, instead of telling us what we should focus on in 2020, he reminded us of the principle of sowing and reaping.

In the excitement of the potential of a new year, we often forget that the result of a year is simply the consequence of every decision made during that year. Whilst some events may occur that are out of our control, the majority of what happens in our lifes are as a result of the decisions we’ve made. If you take time to reflect on the outcomes of 2019, you will most likely be able to link your achievements to an action or decisions made throughout the year.

To put it in plain English, you simply reap what you sow. It is also important to note that inaction also have consequences. With this in mind, whatever your hopes and dreams are for 2020, remember to make decisions that will contribute to achieving your goals.

Before setting new goals, asses your current commitments as this will also determine your capacity to add to your existing list.

Sow into the right things

Do not waste your time on things or relationships that you no longer have interest in.

At the risk of overdoing the farmer references, if you have a basic knowledge of gardening, you’ll understand that weed tends to compete with the plants you are trying to grow; they sap the nutrients in the soil and outgrow your plants. In the same way when you fail to intentionally weed out things and relationships that no longer serves you well, they have the potential to benefit from your time and resources which may be better used in achieving the new goals you have set.

One of my goals for 2020 is to interact more with other writers and learn about the existing platforms that support writers like myself. I would also like to invite other professionals to contribute to the website as guest writers and hope to collate a diverse view point on various topics.

To my readers, thank you for the continued support and encouragement, your messages motivate me to continue to share my thoughts with you.

Wishing you a profitable year ahead.


How to recover from a “bad” year?

Motivation is short-lived, what you really need is self-awareness and discipline.

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