Just like that another year is gone. #2018was

As we wrap up the year, it’s only natural that we look back at what has been great and try to move on from the bad. Last year I wrote about recovering from a bad year after experiencing an unexpected loss. I am glad this year has been smooth sailing and God has blessed me with more amazing friends and kept my family well. 


The majority of my year was spent working towards my Masters. If you follow me on social media you would’ve seen countless videos of me in the library, late night walks and just my general student life shenanigans.

After a year out from education, I anticipated that going back to uni was going to be a little challenging. I was out of sync with the demands of student life. I knew my masters would be nothing like my first degree which I spent the majority of my time enjoying the company of friends and engaging in social events.

This time around my priority was to engage with the course material and get as much work experience of my industry as possible, which I successfully did. I managed to get a placement with the NHS during the Easter and also got to work with an IT consulting firm for my dissertation. 

It’s funny how when you are in a situation you can be blind to the positives. Whilst studying my master there were countless times I felt overwhelmed and somewhat over the process of being a student but upon reflection, it really wasn’t half bad. 

I developed a thicker skin in the process, as a result of mixing with a range of interesting personalities. Studying at the University of Leeds was a unique experience in itself. I would say the University has an air of prestige about it, at first I found it a little intimidating if I’m honest but soon found myself enjoying some of its perks.

I quickly learned that studying a Masters in Management Consulting required a different kind of skill to many other courses. Majority of my time was spent learning to break down complex problems using a structured approach during workshop styled classes. Whilst I’ve always been a fan of interactive learning, some of these classes would leave my ego feeling wounded 😂😂 .  I was lucky enough to have a lecturer who was a straight talker and didn’t care to spear your feelings when it came to corrections. I recollect answering a question in class and receiving feedback that my answer was  “superficial,” it’s safe to say I wanted to curl up and hide after that. Whilst that may sound quite traumatic, I grew to enjoy this particular class and saw it as a character building exercise. The fear of being embarrassed soon went away and I looked forward to the challenge of keeping a straight face whenever I received some crushing feedback. 

Truth be told, I thoroughly enjoyed all my modules with the exception of one which let’s just say was not that great. It was highly difficult to be interested in the topic when the lecturer appeared to not to care either. To be honest, I was indirectly inspired by this particular lecturer as the share lack of enthusiasm reinforced my passion to find a job that I enjoy. In the current job market, this can prove very difficult but I am determined to try against all odds.  

Apart from my student life, I was able to form deep and meaningful friendships and reconnect with those that were on the brink of ending. In the process of reconnecting, I found that repairing friendships takes a concerted effort of being honest about your weaknesses and changing your pattern of behavior to achieve your desired relationship.  Without sounding cheesy, I have found a new level of peace through seeking to understand rather than seeking to be heard. 

My approach to social media also changed, if you read my post on social media addiction you would know that I am concerned about its impact on our general wellbeing. As a result, I am actively looking for ways to manage a healthy use of my social media platforms. Next year I aim to continue to do this and provide content that stimulates thinking rather than promoting unrealistic expectations of life.

To all my readers, thank you for your support this year. I appreciate you taking the time to read my posts. I wish you an amazing new year to come. 

Please remember that ignorance is not bliss, a storm that is coming will still occur regardless of whether you know about it or not. On that note, spend more time educating yourself so that you are better equipped for many of life’s’ challenges. 

Lot of love 


Favourites of 2018

Most read blog post: “Marriage is a happy imprisonment” Discuss 

My personal favourite: Take responsibility for your inaction.

Favorite quote 

“Do not anticipate failure before you’ve been given the opportunity to succeed.” TillyJoanAdams

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