Spring Fashion trends

I love fashion but I find it difficult to write about clothes, I am sometimes tempted to post my pictures and go. I follow some amazing fashion bloggers who give detailed descriptions of the ideas behind their outfits and I admire their ability to deeply describe something I see as quite simple. Unless I am styling someone else or styling for a photoshoot my shopping process is as follows… I see something cool … I buy it … end of story. I recently did a photoshoot with WuraVisions a photographer based in Leeds, it was my first time working with a professional photographer and I was a little nervous of how it would go but I was pleasantly surprised.  The pictures turned out great and the general service provided was incredible,  Lol, I am NOT a model so I really appreciated the direction from the photographer.

The shoot was focused on fashion trends for spring which I feel always stays the same. Floral print, gingham, and more playful colors come back into style to make up for the dark winter blues. The check print is definitely back on trend, I have been seeing them everywhere, personally, when a certain style becomes overly popular it usually puts me off from buying it but prints can be incorporated into so many different styles so I don’t mind as much.  I remember my Dad bought me a blazer with this exact print when I was 13 and at the time I thought it was ugly but now I really like it. It’s funny how your taste in fashion changes over time.

IMG_0034 Photos by @wura_vision 

Outfits from house of fraser 

Brand: MangoIMG_0091

What do you think of the check print fashion trend? Let me know in the comments box below.

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