Valentine’s day is not a big deal relax !!

I love all forms of genuine declarations of love and truth be told I love presents even more, but none of these things solely happens on valentines day so why all the fuss? Contrary to your presumption, this post is not to condemn the celebration of valentines but to shine a light on why it really isn’t a big deal, why you shouldn’t put pressure on your significant other to do it and why it’s ok to ignore it and spend the day like any other day.

If you have watched my video on the dos and don’t for valentine’s day, you would know that I’ve had my fair share of good and terrible valentines. I recently discovered that my opinion on valentine’s day generally fluctuates depending on one factor which is satisfaction.At this moment, I am satisfied with love, so much so that I can happily ignore the season of love without feeling left out. Truth be told I am not sure how I reached this state of mind but I can only attribute this feeling to being frequently shown love in multiple ways by my Husband. Well done babe you are doing an amazing job, anyway, moving on swiftly because I find talking about myself super awkward. If your partner expresses his/her love for you on a regular basis, is it really fair to demand that they take part in the valentines celebration if it is not something they believe in? If you have no doubts regarding their feelings for you, what does a few chocolate and flowers really do for you? Whilst these things are nice, is it worth having unnecessary arguments with your partner about. I employ you to think about the questions above and come to your own personal conclusions. Whilst I might not believe it’s a subject worth having an argument about, it is ok to think otherwise.

Why valentines day isn’t a big deal?

It’s simple, we are given 365 chances in a year to express love to our partner, so why should one day get all the attention. I am sure you’ve heard this argument before but I employ you to think deeply about it. What makes Valentine’s day any special than randomly spoiling your other half with a gift on a normal day? Is it because there is a large number of people celebrating love at the same time and you want to join them to feel like you are a part of the celebration?

Ladies have you noticed that during the months leading up to valentines you receive messages from old flames suggesting to catch up or rekindle a love that had indefinitely died. Do you really think it’s a coincidence? I believe there is a strange herd mentality when it comes to love, during the valentines period, hence why people who have only dated for a couple of weeks feel the need to join in the celebration even though they may not have established whether they are going to pursue a relationship with each other.

Valentines day is largely fueled by the boastful nature of humans. Do you remember how important it was at school to have something interesting to say when asked about what you did during your summer holidays? There is a similar pressure for valentines day, especially when you are in a relationship, single ladies count yourself lucky, at least you have an excuse for now. I remember when I was younger I didn’t have any problems with staying at home and visiting family across different cities during my summer holidays. That was fun enough for me but when I returned to school and other children talked about their holidays to Spain, Greece, Jamaica… when it was my turn to speak, all of a sudden my trips to Manchester, London, Leicester didn’t seem as fun anymore. I quickly learned to do things that would be considered as interesting in order to have something cool to say. At the time I was not confident enough to boldly speak about the reality of my life. As a 23-year-old woman, this is no longer the case as being ‘one with the crowd’ is not as important to me thus I am able to happily ignore valentines.

Until next time

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud…

1 corinthians 13 vs 4.”













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