Back to Square one.

It’s a common saying that “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is a sign of madness,” so why do we always find ourselves back to square one?

Lets be real, how many times have you said you will never do something again but you’ve ended up doing that same thing, for example; “i’m never drinking again!” after a heavy night out or “I’m never leaving my assignments till the last minute,” only to find yourself doing an all nighter for the next one.

Do you ever find yourself #backtosquareone ? 

Be honest, it’s ok.

I have experienced this many times.

Last year I set a goal to remain consistent with my blog and for a good nine months I did. Then came September, I enrolled into University for my Masters and forgot about the commitment I had made .

I was convinced, there was not enough hours in the day to write,yet, I somehow found time to binge watch Love and Hiphop Hollywood. lol I am not proud of it, that show is pure ratchetness.

Clearly time was NOT the problem

I was looking for an excuse to fall back into old habits. I neglected my blog and filled the time I could’ve been writing with meaningless activities.

I took my eye off the price.

The thing is, to achieve a goal you have to be strict with yourself. You CANNOT give yourself an easy ride by altering your goals to suite your current situation.

You have to find ways to achieve your goals regardless of  the existing constraints, i.e time, money or any other variables that can make life harder.

As Timi says “starting is not the difficult part, remaining consistent is,”this is literally my reality.

It’s 1.15 am on a Friday morning and I’m writing a blog post, to wake myself up.

Sometime you have to take drastic measures to get back on track.

Until next time, remember to take responsibility  for your failures

Tilly 💋

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