Please Help Hareem’s fight against Cancer!

UPDATE : Sadly Hareem passed away on the 17th/02/2018. I am not sure whether the go fund me account will be closed down or be used for other arrangements once a decision has been made I will update this post. Thank you to all those who donated.

This afternoon I was informed that a high school friend Husband has been diagnosed with a rare form of Cancer.  We had lost contact over the years but I always remember her as a loving person, she is wonderful to be around. I am devastated to hear that she is going through this.

Hareem Ahmed is a 24-year-old who had dreams and ambitions to pursue a career in Business Management and Marketing. He also had dreams of living a happy married life with his wife who he married last year.

I cannot imagine what the family is going through right now.

, Hareem had been diagnosed with oesophageal cancer, which has now spread to his gland. This came as a shock to even the doctors as they stated they’ve never experienced this in their lifetimes and is extremely rare
He currently is 24 years of age, this form of cancer is extremely rare in young adults as “less than 15% of cases are found by people younger than age 55.”

Please click the link below to read more on Hareems Story.

Kindly help if you can, no donation is too small. Please spread the word.

A fundraiser will be held on the 3rd of December to help raise money for Hareem treatment. Please see the picture below for more information.


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