We became a tourist attraction in Corfu (Corfu Island Holiday Experience)

I recently went on holiday with my husband to Corfu Island in Greece. We had a blast, It was about 37 degrees so staying hydrated was a must!! like I was actually sweating #TMI. I literally had to drink water every hour.

Unlike most tourist on the Island, we decided to find everything ourselves even though there was a tourist bus available from our hotel.   Let’s just say I did enough walking to last me a life time. Lol, I exaggerate.  We really enjoyed visiting various museums, monasteries and other neighbouring Islands.

One thing that strikes me about Corfu, is its resemblance to Nigeria, their roads were rough. It reminded me of the roads we came across when travelling to a village. The people of Corfu Island had a certain way about them. They were very expressive and spoke with passion about their various trades.

On our visit to Corfu town, we noticed that we were receiving quite a number of steers. At first, I thought it was because Tee was sweating buckets lol sorry babe. Jokes aside. I wasn’t really sure why they were steering at us until I went into a store where the shop owner expressed her curiosity about my colour. She literally said “Your Colour! Your Colour!” I wasn’t sure how to respond. I wasn’t sure if she was trying to compliment me or not.  Later that day another person asked to take a picture of my husband and myself because his daughter liked our colour. I was tempted to do a Nori and respond with “No pictures, please,” but my husband had agreed to do it so I went along with it.

If this is what being a celebrity feels like, I think I’ll pass, it was awkward and since then I haven’t stop thinking about what he did with our picture.

As I write this I realise that I am not making Corfu sound like the best holiday destination, granted it may not be for those who are used to the city life of glitz and glamour. The smell alone may send you running back to England. Their sewage systems aren’t great so it constantly smelt like rotten eggs. It fully disrespected my nose lol but the beauty of the Island trumps the foul smell.

It was refreshing to see people really hustle for their money. We attended a festival where a lady conned us off 5 euros. She rushed towards us with beautiful roses screaming “Free for you!!, ” and like a gullible tourist, I accepted a rose. The moment I took the rose she proceeded to request for 5 euros.  The next night a different lady tried a similar trick but we politely told her No.

Although our trip was brief, we were able to do a lot.  Our favourite night had to be when we bought some street food and took it down to the beach. It was late at night so we had to use our phones’ light to help guide our way.  The beach was pretty empty so we had some privacy and were able to enjoy each others’ company.

Words cannot fully capture experience so we attempted to vlog some of our activities, click the video below to watch.


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