Basic B*tch 

Ever heard of the term ‘Basic Bitch’? 

For those that don’t already know, this term is mainly used by females to bring other females down. Being a “Basic Bitch” simply means that you are ordinary and bland. You might as well be an unseasoned chicken. However, at the risk of sounding preachy: calling another female “basic” just to make her feel like she is nothing special is WRONG and, this is something we need to stop. Real talk.

Ladies we need to stop bringing each other down in general. #dobetter (click to tweet)

For a long time, I actually thought I was Basic! Why? Well, first of all, I know that I don’t have the biggest personality. I’m also aware that I’m not the loudest (I might even go as far as to say that I’m shy sometimes) and quite frankly, I don’t have the Kim K ass people are buying these days. Lol. Although I do have a little something my friends like to call a high wasted bum Jokes aside, I low key started to feel a little shit about myself at some point in my life. 

In a society where beauty standards are determined by unrealistic Instagram models with animated personalities, it can be easy to find yourself feeling inferior to that depiction.

As a fashion blogger, my image is quite important. People literally buy into your looks. “Your looks have to be popping all day every day.” At least that’s what social media has many of us believing. 

Personally, my looks aren’t always popping and I really don’t care that much so I rarely have my face beat (for those of you who are not from the school of slang ‘face beat’ means having your makeup looking on point). 

To be honest I don’t really fit into the usual look/personality type of most popular bloggers and because of that, I doubted whether I could be successful in a bloggers world. We all know that the market is saturated with people that put on a false persona because they too have studied the key patterns in being a successful personality in social media and have decided to conform to that standard. (Shout out to all the fraudulent Hijabi bloggers out there doing their thing. You are a chaser of your dreams and your hustle does not go unnoticed. P.s. that was a joke. Don’t come after me pretty please. I am not about that life abeg. I don’t want any problems.)

The question is how long can you pretend? 

I am not saying that everyone who is loud or dramatic is fake. That’s not true. Let’s be fair, we all have our dramatic moments but for people like myself, I know this is not my default setting so to speak. This isn’t my normal everyday behaviour but what I fail to understand is why some still choose to portray themselves as such simply for likes and retweets?  

Upon reflection, when I really thought about this, I realised that my mindset of wanting to fit in was actually stopping me from being the best version of myself. I legitimately had to check myself: “Why do I have to be the next litty YouTuber? Is that what I really want? Why must it mean that I’m ‘basic’ simply because I don’t fit a certain stereotype? Who dictates this? Why can’t I be successful just by being myself?”

Without a doubt, I had to have a word with myself because I was literally getting lost in the social media sauce 🤷🏽‍♀️ When I say I had a fight with myself, I mean it. I had to destroy all the images and standards that I had created by looking at what was out there and teach myself to just be.

I discovered that I am able to focus more on my goals and create the content that I enjoy when I ignored those standards.

I now realise and recognise that I don’t need to compare my work to another bloggers’ because we are fundamentally different and the beauty of being creative is finding your own niche and stamping your name on it and, if the niche doesn’t exist, I’ll create it. Simples

To all my aspiring bloggers do not let Social Media standards suffocate you.

“Just keep trying and trying, sooner or later you’ll find it, It’s surprising how inspiring, It is to see you shining.”



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2 thoughts on “Basic B*tch 

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I understand where you coming from as I have also touched a bit on it on my blog. Been a blogger is a blessing and a curse sometimes but we are strong and pushing through. Great read babe


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