Birthday thoughts 💭 


It’s my Birthday!!  🎉🎉🎉

To be honest, I love Birthdays, I always want to make a fuss. It’s a blessing to be able to see another year on this earth. Honestly not everyone had this chance so I don’t take it for granted.

I feel blessed but I also feel a little scared.

As I get older, each year I get a little more anxious about the future.  I think about how time flies and try to imagine how my life would look like in another five years. Obviously, there are things I really want to achieve and each year the pressure seems stronger.  Instead of stuffing my face with cake and Jollof rice I just sit here and ponder.

Now that I am getting older I have fewer excuses to make under the “I am still young banner.”  I actually really need to get my ish together

Being 23 may seem like a minor but to me, it’s a sign that I’m getting closer to being 25 which is also halfway to fifty.

Can I really keep calling myself a ‘spring chicken’ forever?

Anyway, although my worries are there, I choose to enjoy my day regardless.

It happens to be my first birthday with my hubby as a married woman. It’s a little different to being at home with my parents. I am not going to lie, I sorta miss the noise of my siblings coming into my room with my mum saying Happy Birthday and my Dad quietly following suit.

Although my hubby can make just as much noise lol this Birthday sorta feels underwhelming.

Let’s be honest, with age comes more responsibility and responsibilities aren’t exactly fun. Anyhow, such is life, we just have to keep it moving and pray for wisdom to make the right decisions.

Until next time, remember that happiness is a choice. Do not dwell on your troubles and laugh harder when things are rough.

Happy Birthday to all the July babies 💋

bday dress

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