FEW (Female Entrepreneur Week)


Sorry lads, this post is mainly for my ambitious Women, my strong, independent, female bosses. Lol, I promise I am being serious. 

A lot of us are go-getters and are constantly looking for ways to make those coins. Whilst starting a business shouldn’t just be about making money, it would be a lie to say that making money is not important. Recently on social media,  I have seen many young women starting their own businesses and pursuing their dreams.

It’s like everywhere I turn someone has either started their own clothing line or is becoming a Blogger, Makeup Artist, Photographer, Singer etc.  There’s an evident thirst for success which can be motivational as well as daunting for those who are yet to start something of their own.

As much as I am a firm believer in running at your own pace and focusing on your own race, the truth is that no one wants to be left behind.  We all want to succeed and this can be very difficult when you have no blueprint to follow.

I always encourage my friends to put their skills to good use but I understand it can be very difficult to start something new without any help, the fact is we are not all like Trump who collected ”a small loan of a million dollars from his father for investment,” Lol isn’t life so unfair?

@Strengthwithsubstance said it first, “Life isn’t fair get over it.” 

The key is to start somewhere and build it up as you go along. This is something I remind myself when I am discouraged to do things because I think I do not have everything I need to be successful.  The truth is, if you don’t START, you will never get to your desired destination.

With that said, I am very excited to announce an opportunity for women who want to start their own business.

The Female Entrepreneurship Week (FEW) is focused on providing women with the essential tools to start a business.  From the  21st – 30th of June they will be providing women across the world with valuable advice on how to make money doing the things they love.


FEW pin-2 (1)
Sign up Now!!! Click HERE

Sign-up above to become one of the FEW and you will receive:

  • Tutorials and workbooks from each of the FEW Crew – focussed on just the essential steps to build your business.
  • We’ll cover everything from strategies to help you make more money, to juicy copywriting techniques, cunning Facebook ad ideas and PR plans to increase your influence.
  • Access to our temporary Female Entrepreneur Week Facebook Group – where you can meet other fiercely ambitious women, determined to make it as their own boss.

Until next time continue to better yourself.

Tilly xx 

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