Street style lookbook


There is something about comfortable clothing that sometimes beats getting glammed up. As much as I love going all out for events and getting dressed to the nines, I also love chilling in baggy clothing and trainers. Contrary to the popular believe, that does not make me a chav.  If trainers weren’t so expensive I’d probably own more of them but since I could probably buy two decent pairs of heels with the price of a basic pair of trainers, I am not about to start a collection anytime soon.

These days when I go shopping I have to consider whether the purchase I am about to make is actually worth it. Is it good value for money? Gone are the days when I blindly buy things purely because I think it’s cool and my closet wouldn’t survive without it. Lol, it’s crazy how you can convince yourself you need something when you definitely don’t. I do this a lot with sunglasses. I buy new ones every summer because somehow the old ones are not good enough anymore. I actually need to stop.  Whilst I am a little more sensible with my shopping habits, I am not perfect, I still do those random shopping trips usually fueled by a bad mood or just an itch to spend. #Problems.

On a good day, I shop in stores that are not extortionate and are able to provide me with quality clothing. Below are a list of stores I would recommend if you are shopping on a budget.

  • SheIn
  • Zara (For quality basics i.e cameos)
  • Missguided
  • Asos Market Place (for unique pieces that make all the difference to an outfit)
  • Charity Shops (don’t knock it till you try it trust me). #Thrifting

I recently posted a street style inspired lookbook on my youtube channel.

Click Play on the video below 

Here are some pictures from my street style shoot. Please head over to Camilla Macciani Instagram and check out more of her work. She did an amazing job taking my pictures.

Until next time spend sensibly.

Tilly xx

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