Be woke in the process of achieving your career goals!!

After a long day at work, I am usually very exhausted. I literally sit on the edge of my bed for 5 minutes before attempting to offload my things.

I think…. “in the grand scheme of things has anything I’ve done today helped in achieving any of my future goals.” 

This thought usually results in two very different things, depending on the kind of day that I’ve had.  On some days it brings a sense of relief and I can say that I have achieved something that will be useful in the near future but at times it can result in a surge of frustration.


A frustration that is as a result of feeling like the activities of that day had been mundane and pointless.

It’s funny how serious life has gotten recently. Aside from being a married woman, as soon as I left University the world appeared to become bigger and harder to navigate. It feels like there are soo many steps to take before I can get to a place of comfort.

At University, I had a sense of confidence in the environment I was in. I knew the ins and outs of it all, nothing was particularly foreign to me. Leaving the University nest has been an interesting transition so far. I went from working on hypothetical projects that I had complete control of to working on real life projects to which I have little to no control on.

These days we are told that any work experience is good experience but how true is that? If your daily activities does not coincide with anything you really want to be doing with your life then how does that experience help you?

If I was to get work experience in a hospital when my future ambition is to be a model (lol it’s not) how does that help me?

Ask yourself, is what I’m doing right now contributing in any way shape or form to the success of my future goals. If you cannot find at least two ways to which it is contributing to your goals… Stop it! and go back to the drawing board.

I said find two ways because I know it’s easy to convince yourself of one reason to carry on but if the situation is really not beneficial you will struggle to find a second reason.

Hold on….. Not so fast now.

Don’t go and quit your job and say Tilly told me to. I am not asking you to make a rash decision. I am telling you to sit down and really think about what your goals are and the time frame you want to achieve them. After that, look at your current situation, does it fit into your plans or does it inhibit your goal? 

If you have come to the conclusion that your current situation does not positively contribute to achieving your goals, make a plan that will get you back on track. In your plan, quitting a job may be a part of the steps you need to take but getting a new job should come first. 

The aim of the post is to encourage you to target your energy to areas that will help your development. I am not here to encourage laziness or ‘being a quitter’ but sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to walk away.

Until next time, be woke even in the process of achieving your career goals 😘

Tilly xx


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