Ideas for spring !!


Sometimes the sun really toys with my feelings. It seems to think it can just pop up and then just disappear.

Honestly Why !!!

If you are anything like me, you may have been patiently waiting for spring to arrive  so you can finally step out without an hefty coat.

Spring is almost here, so I’ve started to plan how I can switch up my wardrobe, even down to my work wear.

It’s time to pick up those pinks! yellows! blues and floral pieces. Lol It’s also my excuse to go shopping.

Shop Zere Fashion House #BuyNigeria 

I partnered up with Zere Fashion House to show you a few spring must haves. I discovered Zere Fashion House about a year ago whilst looking for some African print dress for the summer.

Zere Fashion House stocks African fashion designs, mainly womens clothes for customers in the UK, Europe and America.

Upon looking at their website  I discovered a range of designers I had never heard off.

I mean ‘Wanni Fuga’ was a lovely surprise.

Check out her collection on Zerefashionhouse and Thank me later 😘

I filmed a spring lookbook for my YouTube channel and thought I should share it with you.

Check it out, the full video is at the bottom of this page 🙂

Here are a few pictures from my lookbook.

Sammie Dress 

Shop Now…. Click Here

Judy Dress

Shop Now…. Click Here

“You can’t be wearing a yellow top and behaving like a miserable sod.”  TillyJoanAdams


Wanni Fuga Araba Dress (Mustard)

Shop Now…. Click Here

Wanni Fuga Kike Iro and Buba

Shop Now….Click Here

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More pictures coming on my Instagram

Spring Lookbook




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