A poem for the dreamers



Dreams ! Dreams ! Dreams

God, please give me directions and a pattern to achieve all these things.

“It takes time,” they say, for Rome wasn’t built in a single day.

For every day that passes, I wish to be closer to my passions, but the reality is presently I am not equipped to take action.

For to achieve these things, I need to focus and build a reliable team.

A team with like minded people who spend their days thinking of ways to be better.

A team of grafters mad enough to try ideas that may cause laughter.

It’s sad but true, that the matters of the heart are the hardest to describe. 

Even to those, we call friends, ambition is misconstrued as a glamorous, fictitious pretence. Just something to make you feel better about your rather dull existence, far away from the reality of your true self.

Until there is evidence to prove otherwise you stand to be ridiculed but till then dream fearlessly even if it makes no sense. 

Written by  TillyJoanAdams 

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