You don’t have to be naked to Slay!!(BkChatLdn Episode 9 review)



This week on Bkchat Ldn the casts discussed whether they should ever have to police what their women wears. I watched it with my husband and brother and it sparked a debate. My husband was trying to @ me lol but I wasn’t having it. I need to vlog these moments for you guys.

I am a strong believer that fashion can be a way of expressing your personality or mood.  I don’t think anyone should stop you from being yourself.

I am not keen on been told how to dress but I do believe that out of love and respect for your partner you should always be willing to listen to their opinion on anything, therefore talking about how you dress is fine too. Having said that, the delivery of your message to your partner is key. If you come at me like the fashion police, I am less likely to listen because I don’t like to be spoken to in an authoritative manner. However, if you approach the topic in a calm and sweet voice, for example, you could say  “Babe you look really beautiful but I think you should wear a different top,”  I am most likely to listen. Men learn the art of sweet talking your partner. 

One thing I noticed from this episode is that the guys were concerned about how their woman may attract attention from other males by the way that they are dressed. I don’t think you have to be revealing much to attract attention. You may just have a face that is strikingly beautiful so therefore you will always attract attention regardless. If this is you don’t worry just do you love. God made everyone beautiful in their own right, therefore, we shouldn’t have to do anything to dull our shine just because others are uncomfortable with it. #GirlPower #Yassssgurl

A question for my male readers: If you saw a lady dressed like this would you be impressed?



I ask this because to me this outfit exudes confidence and sass (My husband disagree). In our generation, a lot of women believe that to get male attention, they need to show cleavage and more. Arguably this thought can be subconscious (I can’t speak for everyone). For the ladies that might be getting a little mad at me, please take a minute to think about this:

When you go on a night out and want to be noticed what sort of outfit do you wear?

Don’t get me wrong I am not judging, I’ve worn some questionable outfits before and most of the time the aim hadn’t been to attract guys so I do agree to some extent that sometimes a woman dresses for herself, but lets be real, sometimes we dress to stand out to a particular somebody we like. Now depending on the personality of the guy, we know whether to tone it down or to dress up and go for the full on sexy look.  It’s crazy how much thought goes into impressing someone when you really care about them even on a subconscious level.

Without sounding too preachy (I’m not sure if that’s even a word ), I think we should be the ones to police ourselves when it comes to dressing. If your outfit doesn’t sit well with your conscience (or your bum or boobs etc) or with your religious beliefs then adjust it, don’t wait for someone to make a comment before you change it.Think about this: does it sit right with you pulling your skirt down in a holy place such as the church knowing full well that the length wouldn’t change from what it was when you left the house. Oh so now you want to start getting mad when you catch a brother giving you that side eye. Cool.



Please don’t @ me @my brother



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