Happy New Year !!


How many of you waited up to scream Happy New Year ?

How many of you were too drunk by the time the clock hit 12 ?

How many of you were in Church praying that 2017 would be a year of favour and uncommon blessings? 

How many of you simply didn’t care so you slept through the night? 

Whatever you did, I am not here to judge you, that’s GODs‘ job.

Moving on swiftly before we get lost in the sauce.

One of the greatest challenges we have as  humans is dealing with uncertainty. We try so hard to predict everything even in situations where we simply can’t. Have you ever listened to a weather forecast predicting the weather to be wet and cold, so you gear up expecting the worst only to experience a day of sunshine. Even with the advanced forecasting technology they use, they still get it wrong sometimes.

Here’s a little exercise for you 

What did you see? 

When I did this, I honestly saw nothing but a pitch black screen. Although I know what I would like to happen, it is difficult to imagine an event that hasn’t occurred.

You can only imagine events that have already been pre-planned for example I have an interview coming up soon so if all goes to plan, this is set to happen.

If you notice I said if all goes to plan, leaving room for the unpredictable uncertainty we call life.

The truth is we simply don’t know what the year will bring.

Whist you cannot predict what may happen this year, this does not mean you should not set goals for the year. Businesses do not stop innovating just because they are not sure if their next invention will bang.

Speak whatever you want for this year into existence. If you believe 2017 is your year of success don’t just say it, do everything you can to achieve it. Plan ahead and be ready to deal with whatever life throws at you.

Don’t forget to pray about it.

1 day here 364 days to go

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