From Me to You



As we get older, Christmas seems to get less and less exciting, we start to stop caring and so do the people around us. Well, that’s my reality. For more festive families, Christmas remains an exciting period that brings people together.

In my Family, whilst we are not the most festive people, Christmas has always been about the food and going to our classic Church Retreats. My Dad would make one of his experimental dishes and we’d all look forward to tasting the result.
My mum, on the other hand, would buy ONE piece of decoration (last year it was a small Bauble) and place it in the living room. This always made us laugh. There was never a massive Christmas tree or any tinsel around the house but you would find that one random object my mum thought made the house look festive. I wonder what it is this year….

This year Christmas is a little different for me, I am in a new home so I’m not sure what the Christmas tradition will be. Personally I have my own Christmas tradition; like the Kardashians and many other celebrities, I love the idea of creating your very own Christmas card. So last year I started doing just that.
If you’ve read my first blog you would know that I have quite a few hobbies. I recently added photography to the list. Whilst the picture above looks like a subtle ad for H.Samuel, it is, in fact, the Christmas card I created for this year. I took this picture in Manchester Arndale and thought it was perfect for the holiday season. With this, I would like to wish you a Merry, Merry Christmas. I’d also love to know what your Christmas tradition is, if you have one, leave a comment in the comment box.


Last Years’ Christmas Card 







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