2016 taught me…


If you are on Facebook, you’ve probably seen “your year in review.” It’s self explanatory really but for those that aren’t on Facebook, its basically a compilation of moments you’ve had in 2016.
It’s interesting how towards the end of a year everyone begins to reminisce about the events that had occurred. We begin to see the classic hashtags (#newyearnewme #2016taughtme, #2016hasbeen….).

If you look deeply, the lessons people claimed to have learned don’t seem all that different from the year before. In fact, I challenge you to write down what 2016 has taught you and then look back at what 2015 had taught you. Do you see any major changes? If so that’s great. If NOT by God’s grace you have another year to do better.

Sometimes life can feel like an endless merry-go-round filled with the same old problems. “Same SHIT different year,” as they say.  It tends to be like that when you are not making a conscious effort to make a change. Trust me I know.

For the past three years, one of my New Year resolutions has been to get back into music and to record in the studio but nothing much has changed.  If you watch my end of year videos on my YouTube channel you’ve probably even heard me say this.

It’s quite sad really when I think about it. The only person I have to blame for this is ME. Ask yourself why your New Year resolution flopped this year.  For me, it’s because I wasn’t serious enough. I didn’t make a measurable objective, and I didn’t make a plan to back it up. The goal I had was too broad. What did I mean when I said get back into music? Did I mean, listen to music more or to sing and perform more?

When you are making a goal, you’ve got to be very specific so that at the end of the year, you can actually measure whether you’ve achieved it or not. If you make a general statement like I’m going to be a better person, this is very subjective and leaves room for you to lie to yourself that you have achieved that goal.

Think about what it means for you to be a better person? Does it mean you are going to pay more attention to the people you love or do more for the less fortunate?

It is better to break down your goals into simpler specific statements. I hoped this has helped some of you dreaming about 2017.

Remember “a goal without a plan is just a wish.”


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