I said “I Do”


I said “I do” to waking up at 7.00am in the morning. I said “I do” to watching him play COD and pretending to be remotely interested. I said “I do” to making him Oats every morning. lol I exaggerate, well when I have enough energy to do so.

I have been asked by many people what being married is like. I usually say it doesn’t feel all that different to when I was dating my husband. Whilst that is true, there are a few things that are new to me.

I see him EVERYDAY!! Lol and I’m not complaining. Its a miracle. I am the type of girl that loves a bit of silence and my husband is the complete opposite. He deliberately makes NOISE. At first I was baffled, (Like Why Babe ?) but eventually I got used to it and his silence became an indication to me that something might be wrong.

I have gained an older brother who just like my younger brother likes to try and annoy me. We have frequent debates about females and other controversial topics. I am always outnumbered as my husband also likes to play along.

When making plans my friends ask “will your husband let you come?” I find this sort of  odd. Whilst I will always tell him about my plans, I do not feel as though he has now become like a parent who dictates who, what, where and when his wife can hang out with her friends.

Instead we have frequent conversations to update each other so that as we continue to live our lives as normal, we do so as partners.

So far marriage has been amazing, before you say its early days, I know but right now I love having a 24 hour security guard.


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