Don’t Waste Your Time !!


“Time is money,” I’m pretty sure you know this already. Like many people, that know this, it doesn’t mean I manage my time wisely.

I’ve recently started the hunt for a job. Sadly it requires me to spend a lot of my time doing endless application forms. Truth be told I hate it and find it very frustrating but unfortunately, there is no way around it.

I got called in for an interview for the role of Marketing and sales Assistant on Monday and to be honest, I got a little excited, I was hoping the interview would be a success and I’d no longer be unemployed. However, my brother in law had recently applied to similar roles and had told me that many companies advertise street fundraising roles under the Marketing banner so I was a little wary that this company may have done the same, to attract more applicants.

When I got to my interview I met the CEO of the company. He explained that this was a casual chat and that they would be shortlisting the successful candidates and inviting them back for a trial shift. Immediately I thought this was a little unusual. Unlike the interviews I had been to before he did not fire many questions at me. Instead, he went on to explain how the company had opportunities for career progression and how he thought I had the potential to succeed. I thought “cool cool but wanted to know more about the role. One of the things I really wanted to know was whether the job was outdoors . I was not about to work outside in this crazy Manchester weather. NAH. As I tried to enquire about this, he subtly swerved my question. I wasn’t really feeling the vibe I was getting as I felt he wasn’t being transparent enough.

After my interview, I was invited back for a trial shift . Upon arriving at the venue I was introduced to the account manager who I was to be observing for the day. He shortly introduced himself and told me we were going to be working at Rochdale today. Immediately this felt familiar. As an ex-fundraiser, I was used to going to various locations to work. I immediately asked him if the role involved street fundraising and he said yes. In that moment I paused, I knew I didn’t want to take the job so I did not want to waste my time by observing him for the day. I stopped in my tracks and politely told the man I would not be following him to the site. When I got home, I was rather pleased with myself, I had avoided wasting my whole day and could now resume to applying for more jobs. I tell you this so that you are aware that you always have a choice. Even when you feel trapped in a rather awkward situation. It may only take a simple word to free you from time wasting.
Practice the art of saying No.

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