Talking about Myself is awkward


Ideally, as my first post, this is the part where I’m supposed to tell you how amazing I am. How I’m almost a triple threat. Well, I can SING, I think I can ACT and about dancing… let’s not go there. I recently graduated and got married. LoL, I never thought I would be 22 and married. If you know me you wouldn’t either, but yh that’s a  topic for another blog post.

So let’s get back to ME. I like to find interesting ways to express my thoughts, from poetry to spoken words to Blogging. I find writing to be very therapeutic.

This Blog is like a diary but the difference is… it’s PUBLIC. Some of my blog posts may not be about me so don’t take everything literally. I also love Fashion and all things vintage,  thrifting is mad fun, especially when you’re broke.  I will also be sharing my favourite trends with you .

I hope you enjoy my posts and feel free to leave a comment.

Stay tuned for my next Post. 

5 thoughts on “Talking about Myself is awkward

  1. hey!! just stumbled on your blog! love it! haha congrats on getting married! our story is some what similar. In my head we are friends already lol. much success in your blog and in 2017! do keep in touch 🙂

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